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Loan Understanding

Find out how terms, setup and structuring of hard money loans can advantage your business and compare the advantages of hard-money lending over traditional bank financing.


Take 15% ROI to 52% ROI

Real world examples on how to improve your profit margins by taking advantage of loan options while focusing on delivering great properties.

Increase Profit Margins

Learn how to improve your speed and ability to scale to significantly increase profit margins by managing multiple projects with lower risk.


"Even though I've already flipped a number of properties, this guide taught me some new tricks!" - Bill Martin, Los Angeles, CA

Step by Step Guide for ROI and Growth

Interested in faster loan closings, lower risk, and growing your fix-and-flip business? 

  • Find out how terms, setup and structuring of hard money loans can advantage your business.
  • Compare the advantages of hard-money lending over traditional bank financing.
  • Find out which borrowers and projects lend themselves to hard money financing.
  • Understand the financing application process and borrowing requirements for hard money lending.
  • Learn how interest rate, term, loan-to-value requirements, time to closing, and points, fees and closing costs can differ between hard money and bank financing.

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